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You’ve heard me rant about the timing belt over and over. Well this time I’m going to share a little tech-tip secret on how to service one of Mr. Timing Belt’s close neighbors and associates… The Camshaft/Crankshaft seals. These babies are typically replaced on a thorough timing belt job merely because, while they are likely to outlast one timing belt, they are far less likely to outlive two timing belts. Getting these seals out can be a royal pain. In fact special tool after special tool has been made to simplify the act of getting these old babies out of their pressed fit hole. While you will find several of these special tools in my toolbox, one of my favorite old go-to methods involves a sharp punch, a sharp pointed wood screw, and any old pair of pliers…

Step 1: Make a small pilot hole through the flat face of the seal closer to the outer edge.

Step 2: Thread the wood screw in only a couple threads and probably less than 1/8 inch. Be carefull not to thread it in any farther than necessary because there are often polished metal bearing surfaces behind that can be compromised by a little scratch.

Step 3: Grab the wood screw with a pair of pliers and find a metal ledge to cantilever over to easily pull the seal out of its press fit.

Step 4: Make sure you have a chuckle at the guy next to you who has been going to town with his ‘special tool’ for a while now.