J2534 Flash Reprogramming

Posted: October 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

Well this post won’t be interesting to most of our visitors but after some of the trials by fire we have experienced,  karma tells me that we had better share the lessons learned.

Neighbors bought a used instrument cluster for theie 2001 Ford F150. They installed it, rhen came to us for programming because it wouldn’t start. The computer in the cluster didnt share the same immobilizer code so the truck wouldn’t start and diag equipment wouldn’t communicate.  They had to reinstall the old cluster so that the flash process could access the network collect the stores VIN, mileage, and other pareters, and then install the used cluster to continue.

Once in, the next problem was that they only had a single key for the truck. The flash process requires that 2 keys be programmed in to complete the job and have the truck actually start.

Lessons learned:

1. Most reprogramming procedures have a prompt in mid process to replace a module. The process wants you to start with the old part still in line.

2. Always make sure in advance that all chipped keys that need to start the car are with you before you begin. Ford requires that a minimum of 2 keys be programmed for some passive antitheft PATS replacement procedures.

Regarding Ford’s 2 key requirement… Beware of aftermarket clone keys. They look different and will not be recognized by the vehicle as a separate key because the RFID is a mere dupe of the first key. Sometimes needing 2 keys means more than just 2 keys.

Cheers and happy flashing!


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