Great Article: “Get Fresh Air Inside Your Car In Broomfield”

Posted: June 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

Get Fresh Air Inside Your Car In Broomfield.

Love the article.

It shows that for almost a decade and a half now automotive engineers have been paying attention to your own personal cabin air quality. Just imagine the nasty dust and sludge that builds up at home under your refrigerator, around your home air conditioner, or at your furnace air handler. All of these machines are continuously heating up then cooling down providing alot of surface area for wet films of condensation to form and dry out repeatedly. These are exactly the characteristics of a cozy place for toxic mold and irritating spores to grow. Your car, on the other hand doesn’t have all of these machines spread throughout an entire building. Instead it crams them all into a tight space and then gives you an attached, semi-sealed bubble to ride in. So you can imagine next time the heater or ac vent blows out a funky smell that it may becoming from your own private growth culture of health-threatening slime.

Getting to know us at Finn will inform you of an incredible technology being developed right in our back yard by some of our closest friends. A disinfectant without any of the toxic ingredients found in every other chemical. In fact, this stuff has been lab-proven to be less toxic for you than toothpaste! On top of that, it is entirely biodegradable and was specifically designed with ingredients certified by the EPA to be ‘designed for the environment’.

Ahh yes, it is good to have friends in the right places, in fact, these specific friends of ours let Finn Mototech AND ONLY FINN use this product to clean out vehicle interiors with a special process that uses only a mere mist to circulate, clean, and disinfect nearly every surface of your ride’s interior.


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