Is he a “Parts Hanger” or a “Technician”?

Posted: July 20, 2011 in About the Biz

Ever wonder what separates the pros from the not-so’s in auto repair?

A technician is a mechanic who understands intimately the fundamental theory behind the operation and design of the system or part he is servicing. He spends countless hours researching, attending seminars, participating in special training, and searching out knowledge to remain current with rapidly developing automotive technology. He is a diagnostician, capable of methodically troubleshooting complex system malfunctions

A parts-hanger is a handy guy and often, an automotive enthusiast who may have memorized the steps to take when replacing a specific component. His troubleshooting capacity is limited to his experience of, “the last time it did that, this fixed it”.

While one is a legitimate trained professional, the other is merely and assistant. Unfortunately, motivated by money and difficulty in recruiting and retaining talent many shop owners and managers masquerade Parts-Hangers as Technicians. Eventually, perhaps one incident in fifteen visits goes awry as inability to properly diagnose or interpret early signs of an impending failure leads to a customer’s inconvenience, inflated repair costs, and overall bad experience.

When choosing a repair shop, consider that you should be choosing an individual or set of individuals who you deem qualified to provide you competent service. Scrutinize their credentials, qualified professionals love to show off their accolades. Make sure that the shop is a legitimate, insured, tax-paying business that has been accredited by related organizations such as the BBB, ASE, local Chamber, AAA, etc.


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